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High altitude

We have 4 different drone platforms that offer amazing Hi-Def photos and video.  We also have fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter for higher altitude work

 From either land or the Air, Let my lens tell your story.

some of my work 

Texas Parks and Wildlife AWM Permit

Aerial Thermal imagery & SAR

Exotic game and wildlife

from my career in public service, food industry, EMS, aviation, golf management, ranch services and photography, I have always sought perfection.  I love what I do

Celebrate the beauty of wildlife. With our TPWD Aerial Wildlife 

Management Permit M-2083,

we can photograph and survey

your wildlife

my story

Mikeska Aerial Services holds a Aerial Wildlife Management Permit from the TPWD M-2083.  With your ranch letter of authorization, we can survey, count, photograph and service all your aerial needs.   We are a licensed FAA Commercial Remote Pilot with Unmanned Aerial Systems ratings and FAA licensed Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Helicopter Pilot.  We utilize 4 different drone platforms along with high wing aircraft and a helicopter.  Our photography and editing equipment is the newest in high resolution technology.  Our thermal drone platform has endless capabilities 

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.

In the outdoors, you can't hide from a thermal camera. Especially when it's in the air looking for you!  Search and Rescue, residential heat loss, roof inspections..  the list is long...

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.

Aerial Drone and Aircraft

Aerial~ Commercial~ industrial ~ Inspection
Thermal ~ Wildlife ~ Ranch ~ Search and rescue 

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